Email newsletters are a really useful marketing tool for all business owners regardless of size because they are cost effective, efficient, easy to create and you can measure the outcome.  But more importantly they allow you to communicate with potential clients directly and providing you are delivering good quality content on a consistent basis your target audience will sign-up to your newsletter, open it and respond.

Sounds good doesn’t it. So how can you make this happen so that your emails get opened.  Below are some HOT TIPS for you to consider and put into action to make your communications shine.

Think outcomes

Before creating your newsletter set yourself some goals and objectives. Know what the aims of your newsletter are as it will be a lot easier to measure your success if you know the direction you want to go in. What do you want your readers to say about your newsletter? Are you looking for your readers to be advocates of your newsletter and pass it on to other people? Be clear and then it will be a lot easier for you to plan your communications for the year.

And the reason I need to give you my email is…

Create a landing page on your website for your newsletter. Tell your audience what they can expect from your newsletter, for example, blog of the month, interviews and giveaways. Don’t forget to tell them about the legal aspects like your privacy policy. Allow people to review back issues but not every issue – this is just to give people a taster so choose the editions that have proved most popular.  Remember that you are selling your newsletter so you have to persuade people why they should give you their email address and start accepting your communications and more importantly giving up their time to read them.

Content is king providing it’s valuable

Consider producing 6-8 items in your newsletter of valuable content – yes, that’s right, 6-8 pieces.  Not every item has to be complete, for example, blog of the month could have the opening paragraph and then a link that takes the reader to your website to read more. Don’t forget about promoting another business, person or item which you find saves time and money.

I’ll be over the same time next week

Your readers like consistency so they want to know that your newsletter will be coming out once a month, bi-weekly or weekly.  To make sure this happens take a day out of your week, sit down and plan out your schedule for the next six months or if possible the next year! Decide on the overall topic of each newsletter and what’s going to go in it.  By having a detailed schedule you will find it far less stressful and when you have those weeks or months that are hectic and you really don’t have the time to plan you will be so pleased.

We love a good plan

When planning your newsletter think about all the important dates that are coming up and plan you newsletters around them. In the UK this year we’ve had the Queen’s Jubilee events as well as the Olympics. It’s really important to tap into current events and pop culture and link your newsletter to them.

Don’t forget your good friend social media

Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your newsletter as well. Let people know that it goes live within a particular timeframe, for example, every 24 hours or once a week. Give people the opportunity to sign-up and to receive your communication.

Everyone is mobile

Optimise your e-newsletter for smartphones. Do you know that 50% of online searches now take place via mobile phones? The most common activity for smartphones users is checking emails, which means that the first line of your email appears as the preview on smartphones and is therefore the most important line in the whole of your communication – so make sure it works for you.

It is a really interesting time for small business owners, entrepreneurs and solo operators as the way we engage with our clients is changing; the parameters are no longer the same, everyone is better connected and while this presents certain challenges it also opens up plenty of opportunities as well.

And don’t forget…

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