Reappraising your progress and setting new goals is a process that can be beneficial for business operators at any time but the turn of the year is always as good a time as any to do so.

Whether you’ve had a good, bad or indifferent year in 2016, it’s important to be optimistic about the future and to challenge yourself to make a great start to 2017.

Working smart

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you know there will always be plenty of distractions and demands on your time. In fact, it may well be that you spend most of your time going from one urgent matter that needs your attention to the next.

This is all part and parcel of running a business but it’s important not to fall into the trap of assuming that just because you’re busy you’re also achieving what you set out to achieve.

What is so essential about properly considered goal setting is that it forces you to take a step back and ask yourself whether you are really making progress or you’re just keeping yourself busy.

Setting goals forces you to focus on making sure that your efforts deliver your desired outcomes and can help guide your choices as days, weeks and months go by.

Getting excited

Your goals should also be set in a way that means they stretch you on a professional and entrepreneurial level. Of course, it might be counterproductive to set your targets for the coming year too high but they should be challenging and the kind of goals that get you excited and get those creative juices flowing.

Measuring success

When you’re setting goals for a new year remember that they should always be based on you and what you want to create for yourself and your business. If you can set targets for your business that reflect your fundamental beliefs and ambitions then you should always have plenty to be excited about and driven by as 2017 unfolds.

Clearly, revenues and profits are an important measuring tool for any business but success should be about more than that when you start a new year. Your focus should be on creating something sustainable and something that reflects what you’re all about as a business boss, as an entrepreneur and as a person.

By visualising and getting excited about the potential outcomes you can achieve, you’ll give yourself tangible prospects to work towards on a day to day basis and it could be just the motivation you need to turn your specific ambitions into a reality.

Getting into good habits

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they old saying goes, and nor was a successful and sustainable business. Regardless of what services you’re providing or what your specific goals are, the best way to work towards them is to establish the kind of habits that enable you to make and secure incremental gains that add up to something special.

It’s likely that you’ll be met with setbacks along the way in 2017 but as long as you have a reliable plan, a viable strategy and a focus on working towards your goals one step at a time then there’s no reason not to believe that it can be your best year yet.

Sealing the deal

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