If you have what it takes then the best time for entrepreneurs to start a business is now! Regardless of the economic downturn if you have the passion, determination and support now is always a good time to start. Some of the biggest brands started in a recession, including the likes of Walt Disney, Burger King, The Dyson Company, Fedex and Microsoft. In the life of a business there will be both tough and great times. The question is do you want to take the plunge and dive straight in? Below are some of the benefits that business owners gain while running their own company.

  1. Working for yourself has become the new job security
  2. It will not be as stressful as your corporate role
  3. You have the ability to be in total control of your own career path
  4. Freedom to decide how and when you work
  5. No more Sunday evening blues
  6. You will have more fun than you ever dreamed of
  7. You will never say, ‘I wish I had done my own thing’
  8. Ability to choose your own team of great people to work with
  9. Entrepreneurs see the risks but also seize the opportunities
  10. Ability to create and shape something very special that is fulfilling and rewarding

There is a common thread that runs though all entrepreneurs, they have a burning desire to succeed at their chosen business, they have bags of determination and all of this is stimulated by a strong dose of passion. It’s about having the right mindset and banishing the words ‘can’t and don’t know how’ from your vocabulary. As Danielle LaPorte tells us ‘You’ll figure it out, just launch and learn!’.

So if you have the right mindset and the key ingredients to take something that you have been dreaming about and make it a reality, then what is stopping you?

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