Several weeks ago I posted a blog offering tips to keep your clients coming back for more. I shared some of the insights I picked up from Peter Needham, one of the founders of GHN, the company that pioneered Executive Coaching in the UK. I received quite a few emails asking for more and finally I’ve had an opportunity to put my fingers to the keyboard.  Hope you enjoy the read and can put some of them into action.

  1. Peter was curious about his clients and asked questions to find out about them personally not just the businesses they were heading up, the markets they were serving, the budgets they held or the number of people reporting to them but what made them tick and ignites their passion outside of work.
  2. In addition to his coaching services he communicated with his clients on a regular basis. He always sent out an annual letter rounding up what had happened at GHN each year. He also held breakfast meetings to help forge relationships with like-minded people, and hosted Christmas and summer parties.
  3. Peter always learnt about his client’s business. We had a Knowledge Manager who would carry out thorough research on the company and its industry. Peter was just as enthusiastic about the client’s brand as the client was.
  4. We were the most expensive executive coaching company in the UK and clients loved it.  They felt it was like joining a special club. Peter would explain to clients why our fees were high – all the coaches had supervision and training, the coaches came from a diverse background, they had all held board positions.  We believed that we were the best at what we did in the market and that’s why the clients were more than happy to pay for exceptional services.
  5. He always remembered big events in the lives of his clients so when one got promoted he would send a hand written congratulations note with a bottle of champagne or flowers. This made his clients feel special and reminded them that he supported them in taking their next step.

If you follow the above suggestions you will soon be having your clients declaring their love for you.

Please let us know if you have any further suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

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