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  • How to improve engagement with your blog

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    Blogging is something which is easy to try as an engagement tool for your business but it is not something which is easy to do well or to be great at right away. It often takes time and effort to produce better and better posts and to achieve levels of engagement that make the whole […]

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  • Standing out in a crowded market

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    Have you ever wondered how to stand out from your competition? I mean truly stand out and offer your potential clients something so magnetic that they just can’t help but be drawn to you? Well that can be quite a challenge when so much has already been done to attract clients. About three years ago […]

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  • New Year, New Goals

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    Reappraising your progress and setting new goals is a process that can be beneficial for business operators at any time but the turn of the year is always as good a time as any to do so. Whether you’ve had a good, bad or indifferent year in 2016, it’s important to be optimistic about the […]

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  • Is Your Approach To Pricing The Right One?

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    I wanted to talk to you today about pricing – it can be a tricky issue to get right and so often when we start out we make the mistake of undercharging for our services. And from that position of undercharging, it can then be very difficult to increase your prices in line with your […]

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  • Could Your Competitors Be Your Collaborators?

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    Have you noticed that more and more business owners are creating a ‘living’ online?   And even if all the work you do is off line and in person then online it still a great place to meet potential new clients. One of the best things you can do to grow your business online and […]

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  • Is It Time To Let Go?

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    Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner is tough but it can be tougher still if you are unable or unwilling to delegate. Indeed, not delegating tasks to other people is a major cause of burn out among business owners the world over. Controlling the Desire to Control  The desire to control all the […]

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